Why Mycyberhygiene?

Our free course will help you tackle the most urgent issues on how to stay safe online. How to manage multiple passwords necessary to navigate everyday life? How to cope with attempts to hack your mailbox? Where to safely check if I’m hacked? MyCyberHygiene addresses all those and many other questions on online safety and security. The course is regularly updated with new content to address the changing landscape of cyber security.


Washing your hands before a meal or brushing your teeth twice a day seem like ordinary habits – they are a part of personal hygiene. Neglecting it can cause severe illness - the same concept is valid in the virtual world as well. Simple habits as creating safe passwords, avoiding suspicious e-mails, being aware of ways how to safely surf the Internet are all part of cyber hygiene that can provide effective protection.


MyCyberHygiene.com is a free internet safety and security course designed with keeping in mind the needs, problems and issues that individual computer users encounter in everyday life. We have built the course content with the help of professional ethical hackers whose job is to break in the IT-systems of companies and organizations in order to determine their cyber vulnerabilities. A lot of the material is also based on questions and problems that we receive from our users. This way the content combines input from cyber professionals and everyday users.

The course consists of a set of case studies addressing everyday situations and providing advice how to continue enjoy the benefits of the Internet by taking some simple measures.

We strongly believe that safe computer use does not or should not mean changing your way of life. We still want you to continue enjoying your social media, your online games, internet surfing. Our goal is to teach you just a few tricks to avoid dangerous traps along the way and make you feel a little more confident to protect yourself or seek help when it is necessary.

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MyCyberHygiene by RiskSight

MyCyberHygiene is a free cyber awareness e-learning course, focused on providing guidelines on how to stay safe online. The focus is on personal level issues such as managing passwords and hacking attempts against your mailbox.

RiskSight is an Estonian risk mitigation training company. RiskSight specializes in Cyber Awareness and Compliance (Data Protection, Anti-Corruption/Business Ethics, Anti-Money Laundering), offering specialized comprehensive and interactive trainings.

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